Don't fall in the FOREX, CFD's, Options, Derivatives, Crypto currencies Scams...

Even if you are smart, you can fall in one of these deadly financial traps! Beware

Don't fall in the FOREX, CFD's, Options, Derivatives, Crypto currencies Scams...

Hey how are you, I wrote this article for all those friends interested in FOREX, Trading, Binary Options, Financial Gurus, Algorithms, Investment Robots, CFD's, etc.

On this occasion I want to tell you something that I have been developing for years and that generates a lot of interest for most people.

Many people are super passionate about the subject, others are confused and afraid.

In this article I want to start dismantling the topics that right now in 2019 are still claiming many victims on the internet, such as: Forex, binary options, trading signals, robots, trading academies, finance gurus and guys who hang out with videos on jets, fancy cars, yachts and beautiful women around the world.

The beginnings of history

It happens that back in 2009 (ten years ago) I began to study in great depth a subject that I was passionate about the world of finance since I was a child.

At my young age, like any finance lover, I became passionate about the subject and began to investigate and read everything related to financial markets, going through topics such as currencies, stocks, bonds, options, futures, swaps and all kinds of financial instruments.

As the years passed during my investigation, I suddenly began to realize the great frauds that at that time began to be forged since the beginning of 2012 on the internet.

Dozens of pseudo "electronic brokers" that supposedly helped you invest your money in forex or stocks were everywhere even "giving you money" for opening an account with them.

Over time I realized how these large frauds of companies in Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, and other European countries operated, inviting thousands of people outside their countries of origin, to invest their money and "generate huge profits to leave their jobs quickly without effort and without having to know anything about finances beforehand.

Bonuses and gifts for opening accounts with these fraudulent brokers

Some companies even gave you "bonuses" for opening an account and investing money in their products, which should even be illegal.

Over time, that bubble continued to grow and grow and today there are a few regulations on the subject in Mexico, but nothing that can prevent the inexperienced general public from "investing" or rather betting their money on instruments that they do not know, that they do not know manage and who lacks any financial common sense.

In the whole world there is a huge misinformation and lack of culture regarding the financial issue.

So much so that if we compare the USA with Mexico we will see that in the United States there are more than 18,000 companies listed on the stock market while in Mexico there are currently less than 300.

This situation has been greatly exploited by foreign and some national companies to practically steal the money earned in drops of blood from the large Mexican population without the National Banking Securities Commission having been able to execute protectionist policies necessary to prevent websites from all over the world from world will profit from the ignorance of ordinary people.

Above all, I see young people under 25 trying to get rich by investing all their money or that of others in derivative or extremely high-risk instruments, even without having an academic background on the subject, and this has gotten out of control to the point where now everyone ensures to get rich from your cell phone.

Almost everything related to digital platforms with forex, binary options, futures and trading alerts is a mere scam from which I recommend you GET AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

All of these schemes are "Get rich quick schemes" and should be super regulated by the FINRA to a greater extent.

In general, the one who gets rich is the BROKER with the money that all users lose in their erratic transactions without understanding precisely how these types of schemes work.

That famous METATRADER 3, 4 and 5 are the tool of massive destruction of the capital of the great novice public. That with some simple lessons of "Technical Analysis" they already believe that they can predict the future of market prices, from metals, commodities and even stocks and options.

What most of the people who "invest" in these instruments such as CFD's and Forex through this type of platform do not know is that the company that owns this METATRADER system allows the brokers that hire the system to carry out all the time of arbitrary changes in prices in real time, so even though it is the same platform, each broker has different prices in all its products (symbols) and can manipulate them at any time according to their convenience and not precisely yours.

Therefore, when a person uses leverage of 1:100 or 1:400, which is normal in this type of forex retail platform and other instruments, he has, in addition to his inexperience, ignorance of the subject, the broker's advantage of going up and lower prices sometimes in tenths of a second, cutting your positions especially when you use automatic tools like the PROFIT and LOSS manager.

And to crown the subject, how do you prove to one of these brokers in other countries far away that they cheated or scammed you in your trading operations?

Many times the fact of losing 50, 500 or 5,000 dollars we prefer to take it as a great lesson and that causes us to walk away from an incredible world of financially beautiful possibilities, for the wrong reasons.

How can you really make money in the stock market by investing in a healthy and proper way?

although there are many different methods and everyone has their own style to manage capital. The answer is usually the least expected and the least accepted: LONG-TERM INVESTMENT

The truth where most of us can agree is that the purchase opportunity is based on the inefficiencies that the financial markets have, when for example the market goes very high or very low with respect to the real valuation of the asset, in this case the company.

What benefits does this have over other types of investments such as real estate or conventional companies?

A clear example is when you have had to fight to get rid of some property or land on occasion, or to sell your participation in a company in which you no longer want to be a part.

Stocks are generally extremely liquid and positions of tens of millions of dollars can be closed in fractions of a second.

The shares of the best companies generally generate the famous dividends, which you can spend or reinvest according to your tastes.

These dividends usually have yields from 1% to 14% per year depending on the company, and are deposited into your broker's account so that you can have them regularly every quarter.

You don't have to wait for them to be sold, they are non-perishable and, as a foreign investor, you have a 0% tax rate for investing in the American market.

Here in Mexico only 10% ISR is paid on the profits generated by the purchase and sale of shares.

In addition, running a conventional company costs a lot of life, money and effort.

The world of investments is reserved for people who have the privilege of making their money a perpetual working slave so that they can have time and therefore life.

When is it good to buy shares of companies?

As long as the share price represents a buying opportunity due to its high intrinsic value to the company when evaluating its ability to generate cash, it will be a good time to invest in it.

It does not matter if the market is through the roof or through the floor, the important thing is what you are buying and at what price you are buying it at that particular moment.

What can we expect at this time?

In fact, since 2008 the volume of the money supply has increased by 400% in the United States, this has caused the vast majority of countries to accumulate large reserves in dollars mainly, this has greatly helped to have a dollar index at all-time highs during the period.

Just as stock indices are close to all-time highs, interest rates are still near all-time lows and are now on their way to creeping up around central banks around the globe.

Opportunities in the stock market

Although the best schools in the world teach the basics and some very prominent and experienced teachers share their experiences and learning, the truth is that to become a true experienced investor and capable of generating money in the stock market, it is necessary precisely invest and work very hard in the analysis and study of companies and all their financial numbers.

Anyone can achieve it if, as I started so many years ago, reading hard, studying annual reports, working only with company numbers and knowing in detail their business models and the maturation of their markets.

Conclusion: Learn to invest your money or get someone professional and prestigious who can use your capital, such as an investment fund or an American or London hedge fund, preferably due to its regulations.

Do not waste your money on crazy ideas to get rich quick through your cell phone or computer and remember that it is as important to know what YES to do, as knowing what NOT to do.